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IL Route 13 ITS Study

The purpose of the study is to prepare a plan so that an Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures system can be implemented along the IL 13 corridor to show real-time and history of performance at signalized intersections. The study will recommend an ITS system that will evaluate the quality of progression of traffic along the corridor, count approach vehicle volumes and speeds, and display any unused green time that may be available from various movements. The real-time Automated Signal Performance Measures will be used to improve the quality of signal operations, notify the responsible agency when equipment such as pedestrian detection or vehicle detection is not working properly, measure vehicle delay and provide information about volumes, speeds and travel time of vehicles. Data from the recommended system will be used to optimize mobility and manage traffic signal timing and maintenance to reduce congestion, save fuel costs and improve safety. Also, the goal is transparency and unrestricted access to all who have a desire for traffic signal data.

IL Route 13 Pedestrian Crosssing at Ray Fosse Park in Marion

The purpose of the study is to evaluate various options for a pedestrian overpass/underpass  or at grade crossing.  The study will recommend the most feasible option for implementation.

Marion to Carbondale Bike Route

The Study Area is located between the communities of Marion and Carbondale along the Illinois 13 corridor.  This study was prompted by Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), District 9 with the purpose of establishing an overall plan for bike/pedestrian accommodations that could be implemented in conjunction with planned improvements to IL 13.  A Project Study Group consisting of representatives from: Marion, Carbondale, Herrin, Carterville, Crainville, Carbondale, Williamson County, Jackson County, John A. Logan College, IDOT and local cyclists was established to provide input and evaluate the alternatives.  Individual meetings were also held with representatives from each community or agency.

The following alternatives were considered: A route using frontage roads on the north side of IL 13, a route using frontage roads on the south side of IL 13, a route using a widened shoulder on Old IL 13, a route using the shoulder of IL 13 and a Multi-Use trail constructed primarily on the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.  These alternatives would also incorporate the existing Multi-Use trail that has recently been completed in the Crainville/Carterville area.  The Project Study Group has recommended the Multi-Use trail alternative for implementation.  A draft of this alternative can be viewed at this link: Draft map of Multi-Use Trail

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